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Ime So what I m saying is I don t know much about Buddhism so this might be totally wrong and I wouldn t knowThis is truly a fantastic asy to read and understand book on the bare bones basics I was interested in learning about Buddhism and didn t know where to start I tried a few other books that were specifically marketed to beginners but after a few chapters my head was spinning and I d get distracted hey o Buddhism I felt like an idiot for not being able to understand the absolute beginner books and when I saw this one I decided it was too Alter Ego easy Me I don t need Buddhism for beginnersWrongThis isxactly that but I m so glad I read this because it piued my interest ven and I feel like I now know nough to understand the detailed books much better How do you write something new and fresh about a topic that has been analyzed down to its toenails You have to really get it and Naoh Rasheta clearly does Written in an inspired A format this book really is No Nonsense which of course to the Buddhist means It makes all the sense in the world I am a proud to be an American Buddhist philosopher who lived in China for almost a decade Which means ssentially that I study the teachings of the Buddha including the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path I don t however meditate although I do contemplate And there is a differenceThe point is that whatever you ve heard about Buddhism. M podcast Noah Rasheta delivers an asily accessible introduction to the teachings of Buddhism that answers these common uestions and many With No Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of Buddhism and how to apply the philosophies in your veryday life through A simple 4 part structure addressing the different aspects of Buddhism the Buddha key Buddhist concepts the Buddha’s teachings and current

This is such a great book for anyone looking to learn about a secular approach to Buddhist teachings The uestion answer format makes it asy to jump around to whatever interests you most and it is jam packed full of useful parables and teachings from traditional Buddhist texts If you re curious about integrating practical Buddhist ideas into your daily life but aren t sure where to start this is the book for you Highly recommend The author clearly knows what he s talking about a great and highly informative book Recommended I really liked this approach of narrowing down Buddhism to answers to a few uestions Each uestion was answered in at most two pages of clear Art exposition and as far as I can tell the answers were correct and captured the main ideas well Thexposition is accompanied sometimes also by practical God Is in the Crowd examples from the author s life I did not appreciate some of them However they usually served as a good illustration of the theoreticalxplanation The best and clearest writing on the fundamental philosophies and concepts of buddhism Very well Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard explainedRasheta provided a clear and natural flow of Buddhism concepts that made this bookasy to understand and The Matriarchs (The Family enjoyable to read Disclaimer this is the first book I vever read about Buddhism Notes for the Everlost except Siddhartha which I didn t realize at the time was actually about Buddhism but is in my top ten favorite books of all Presented in a practical A format No Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners is the most clear cut introductory guide to understanding thessential concepts of Buddhism and how they relate to your daily life How is an awakening different from nlightenment Can agnostics and atheists be Buddhist Am I supposed to stop thinking when I meditate In No Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners renowned Buddhism teacher and host of the popular Secular Buddhis.

Is probably both right and wrong The teachings of the Buddha are so stra This book does xactly what its title says No Biggy! explains the key concepts of Buddhism to complete beginners in plain language The format is uestion answer none longer than a page and a half printed in large font The concepts are illustrated withveryday Crush It! examplesI am not a total beginner as I have been practicing meditation andven joined a small local sangha meditation group I have read some books too but they Attracting Birds to Your Backyard each address a subtopic or just are a collection of sayings so I was left with the feeling of knowing bits and pieces but not knowing how they fit together This is a good basic book to give that structure I needed to hang the pieces on Not a book that will make younlightened but of a Wikipedia style What is Buddhism I found it useful but not terribly deep I like short books in A style They usually fun to read and well organized thus providing good mental flow about the topic This book is a good intro into Buddhism and deserves 455 stars This is my other spiritual reading adventure for the year I recommend it to anyone with uestions about Buddhism It was a uick informative read that helped me understand a tradition I know little about The format is such that you can thumb through to your burning uestions I read this book from start to finish and found it to be an Deep Listening enjoyable satisfyingxperience. Uddhist practices Straightforward A’s that simplify the vital concepts of Buddhism into Bird-by-Bird Gardening easy to understand ideas “Everyday Buddhism” Sidebars that make Buddhism less abstract by offering down toarth The Works of Saint Augustine examples fromveryday life Presented in a simple conversational style the information and guidance in No Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners provides the groundwork that is necessary for building or continuing your own Buddhist practic.

Epub download No Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners BY Noah Rasheta – latinboyz4play.com

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